The Junior High Art Classes will be entering their poppy posters in the American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary contest.  Their poppies were inspired by art of American artist Georgia O’Keefe.

Congratulations to the 2nd Quarter
GRRReat Student Incentive Qualifiers

Skiing at Chestnut Mountain on 1/15/15!
Joey A.
Ali A.
Beckie B.
Mason B.
Cason B.
Bethany B.
Ethan B.
Blake B.
Madison B.
Desi C.
Lydia C.
Jaci D.
McKenzie D.
Kiley D.
Grace D.
Tori D.
Abby E.
Ethan F.
Aaron F.
Kenzie F.
Damian G.
Josh G.
Mady G.
Noah G.
Ashley H.
Anna J.
Easton J.
Marrisa K.
Randy K.
Cassidy K.
Olivia K.
Grace M.
Mason M.
Alissa M.
Marissa M.
Grant M.-7th
Luke M.
Lily M.
Jade M.
Ronnie N.
Katie N.
Maddie P.
Hannah P.
Lindsey R.
Cody R.
Grace R.
Aidan R.
Maddie R.
Mya R.
Celia R.
Brenna S.
Sloan S.
Jack S.
Eli S.
Gavin S.
Justin S..
Seth S.
Emily S.
Haley S.
Daniel S.
Ashley T.
Kirsten V.
Cameron W.
TyShawn W.
Andy W.
Allisha Z.

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