11th Annual Durand JH Science Fair Results:
In the back row are 9 highly recognized projects that did not place in the top 3 out of 96 students but they did an outstanding job as did many more students. Left to right in back are Grace R, Shyann B, Jenna S, Sara M, Abby E, Hannah P, Haley S, Zach D, and Cody R.  This year was the first year that there was a tie for 3rd Place and it was (front row: right to left) Sara S with "Which potato chip is the greasiest?"and Elizabeth C with "Flower height and growth", 2nd Place Ty F with "Air Trajectory", and the 2016 Durand JH Science Fair winner was Mhairi R with "Swimming can be a real drag".  I would like to thank all involved and I believe it was yet again, another successful year for science in Durand.
Thank you,
Mr. Dolan

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