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Durand Show Choir is a success with “Disney Spectacular”
The second weekend of March Durand Show Choir presented “Disney Spectacular!” If you missed out on this 3-day performance, you missed out on a ton of fun, miles of smiles, and delicious desserts. Our cast of 45 students presented a variety of songs from Disney movies to almost 200 audience members during each performance. What a great weekend!

This show has been a local spring tradition for almost 25 years! It’s not only the students who make this such a success, but the many, many hands behind the stage. Without the parents and volunteers who turn this into a magical musical experience, some might think it’s just another concert. Appreciation for all of those who have supported this year’s performance needs to be acknowledged.

Margaret Clark of Fabricators & Manufacturers Association International has been designing and printing our show choir posters and tickets for several years. Her continued support of Durand’s music is deeply appreciated. Jeff Kinney, Editor for The Volunteer, continues to allow this amateur writer to submit lengthy articles promoting and thanking everything show choir! We are grateful to Barb Clay for maintaining our costumes and Annette DeYoung for assisting with lights. Joseph Walsh has been a great help with the sound and speakers for the show, and Sarah, MaKena, Emily, and Emma were our wonderful stage crew. Upper Crust of Rockford and the team working with Stacie and Debbie continue to dazzle our taste buds with their yummy desserts. Jill Clinite, of T-TopShop, is a joy to work with when we are choosing our show choir t-shirt designs. We also appreciate Jennifer Robertson, of One Book Photography and Nathan Tauch, from Nathan Tauch Films. Jennifer provided professional photos of our show choir cast, and Nathan recorded the performance, both contributing to the memory keepsakes of this year’s show. A special thanks to the Durand Music Boosters’ volunteers for offering flowers and candy for patrons to purchase for each performance. The flowers were especially popular this year!

As always, heartfelt thank you’s to Peter Robertson, Chad Gassman, David Babler, Corky, Mark and Adam, Karen Hutchinson, MariAnn Runkle, Mary Ashe, Lynn Meyers, and our spring athletic coaches. We also appreciate the continued support from Mr. Alberstett and Mr. Leskowich.

A shout out and thank you to the wonderful parents who happily helped to support our students and this event. Thanks to our paper and set-up teams - Tracey Merrell, John & Melinda Sayers, Katrena Gentzel, Eve & Rick Steder, Jill, Alayna, & Brett Proctor, and Joshua & Valerie Forster. Ticket and Usher teams for 2019 - Mark & Janelle Huston, Ben Fritz, Jennifer Johnson, Kelli Kalina, Jamie King, Joshua Forster, Tracey Merrell, Chris DeSchepper, Annette Smith, Amy McIntosh, and Katrena Gentzel. Decorating Team members performed magic in converting the small gym into our community theater - Reita, Abbie, and Jaclyn Baird, Rex, Sarah Balentyne, Deb Randall, Dennis and Sarah Van Zee. Our Beverage & Dessert Teams did an outstanding job this year! It’s not easy serving 200+ guests with a team of 5 volunteers. These teams include Eve Steder, Katrena Gentzel, Jill Proctor, Jamie King, Dave Alongi, Chris & Lori Biesemeier, Tracy DeMarco, Jeff, David, & Michelle Dollak, Amy & Danny Sheldon, Marsha Oppermann, Tammy Murawski, and Valerie Forster. A big HUG for Mr. Gavin Smith helping the dessert and beverage teams at each performance. Last, thanks to the parents who helped by doing laundry and loaning coolers – Kathy Rothermel, Amy McIntosh, Annette Smith, Mary Schumuttenmaer, Kelli Kalina, Lisa Kress, and John Sayers.

A high five to all of our show choir participants – you all did a great job! We appreciate your commitment and dedication in learning new songs, choreography, stage cues, and working with our new director. Make sure you thank one of the above names for their support of this event. Without the support of these many volunteers, this show would not happen.

As the new choir director, Stacy Ross has done a great job of combining her style and ideas with a longstanding celebration of music here in Durand. She cares about her students and mentors them with a loving heart. If you missed the show choir performances, try to make an upcoming spring concert to see for yourself. And for those of you who enjoy planning ahead, the next show choir performance weekend will be March 6-8, 2020!

Submitted by Angie Van Zee
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